Celebration of Walter Segal buildings
Updated 19/01/2022

I am trying to compile a web page(s) of Walter Segal buildings, there a many out there but not all are listed or to be found on the web, apparently 200 odd

As a resident of a Segal house I am trying to colleague and have photos, at the moment is it a simple web site ( Walter Segal showed us how to build things simply, so this website is simply built) and I hope it will grow over the years as I and others add more properties to it.

It must be noted that not all of these properties listed here were actually designed by Walter Segal himself, but they are of the Segal design style by other practices such as Architype.
Also some of Walter Segals buildings where not just of the timber post and beam style, but of brick etc. that are admired.  However this web site is celebrating the timber post and beam style.

Segal Houses will intend to  Open to public as part of 2022 London Open House
We hope to be open on the afternoon of Sunday 18th September 2021 ( Date to be Confirmed)

Segal self build trust Main web site for the Walter Segal trust, includes other buildings.
Centre for Alternative Technology - new classroom They have a number of Segal buildings.
Centre for Alternative Technology course
Remembering Segal - for people wanting to find out more about the pioneering architect Walter Segal, his life and work
Architecture Foundation - Film of 10 mins of Walters Way "How Walter Segal's 1970s DIY Community Could Help Solve Today's Housing Crisis"
This isn't at all like London': life in Walter Segal's self-build 'anarchist' estate   Guardian article Sept 2015
Architectural Association Library Walter Segal AA Library Bibliography : A Selective Bibliography
Interview with Walters Way resident : Self Build Street and Residents

A One page document on the basics of the Segal Method
Extensions to Segal houses
Post and beam explained
Celebrating Segal
You tube how to build a Segal house
List of houses accredited to Walter Segal - thanks to the 20th Century Society

some FAQ's including details of Surveyors useful for mortgage arrangements.

If any one is seriously considering a Segal style build and needs an architect then see www.jonbroome.co.uk/ 
Who has worked with Walter Segal on Lewisham builds and has worked on other Segal buildings. 

Also www.architype.co.uk who I believe have been involved in Segal Buildings in the past. ( Investigation by me is required..)

Sustainable Building Training, Green building, Consultancy, Surveys
Nick Parsons, Sheffield, South Yorkshire
0794 107 2313

The Green Self-build Book   : How to Design and Build Your Own Eco-home (Paperback)   by Jon Broome    
The Self-build Book : How to Enjoy Designing and Building Your Own Home (Paperback)   by Jon Broome, Brian Richardson 
Out of the Woods : Ecological designs for timber framed housing by Pat Borer & Cindy Harris - ISBN 1 89804 912 2
Also see other books at the Segal Trust
Can purchase them on Centre For Alternative Technology bookshop  Amazon or www.ribabookshops.com/

Channel 4 did a program on the Brighton Diggers, occasionally repeated on Channel 4. One of the first Grand Design programmes
You should be able to view it, as it is on channel 4 on demand
Also can  buy it on iTunes for £1.89 to down load go to TV programmes, find Grand Designs, should be series 12, go to related,  you should see series 1, then The Brighton co-op. Also featured on Grand Designs Revised series 1

Below are pages of photos of mine and info on buildings, that I have manged to obtain, it still needs more time put in by me - apologies and please bear with me !

 Please Note : All photos are taken from the street/ public access space, unless permission has been granted, all properties are private residences unless stated.

If you go and look at the properties themselves please respect the owners privacy and you do so at your own risk.

Segal Method Explained

Architects Journal  article

Excellent introduction to the Segal Method, how it works , how the houses constructed - you could start building a house from using this Article.
I was sent a scanned copy, so here it is.
I trust this is ok with The AJ! ( I am just providing a service in promoting the Segal Method, I trust AJ understand, many thanks for putting together such an excellent document and supporting the Segal Method.)

Old videos :
The house that mum and dad built - old BBC  community program from 1980's with orginal self builders.
Look at life - Walter Segal and some Walters Way building.

Recent videos:
Film made by Open House in 2021 ( when houses were not open due to Covid)  : Walters_Way  Made by Jim Stephenson @clickclickjim Twitter /Instagram
Video on You Tube, by Clive at the 2019 Open House, that is tour of Walters Way and the Russ site, plus brief but good explaination of the Segal system.
Another You Tube video, by Hugh Strange - Quite long, alas the Sound is glitchy, some useful info.
Architecture Foundation video with a view the buildings have an anarchist approach!
Walters Way to RUSS short video
The Segal Method explained by Totally Cars

Recent past exhibition

Walter’s Way: The Self-Build Revolution  Jan Feb 2016   Architectural Association School of Architecture
Presenting the work of the revolutionary architect Walter Segal, Walter’s Way: The Self-Build Revolution focuses on Segal’s work with the Lewisham self-builders of the 1980s and displays the application of Segal’s method today. The exhibition will include a Segal structure (which will later be donated to self-build group RUSS), archive films, photos and drawings and a work by Turner-prize winning design collective Assemble.


Visits to a Segal house
Can be arranged to Walters Way at solely our discretion and timing (they are private houses) for pre arranged parties of interested bodies eg Architectural students/ Government & Council officials  etc.
Other visitors are very welcome to come on Open House weekend - thank you.
Email  contact@segalbuildings.me.uk

Future development for website
Obtain photos of projects listed on the Walter Segal trust site anyone help? If so please contact me.

Email me on contact@segalbuildings.me.uk

Other architectural items of interest
Custom-build Lightbox House  
Collective Custom Build
Fourthdoor review

I am just a Segal enthusiast and run this website so other can appreciate this building method.
All content in this website is for information only.
1/ The publisher of this website cannot be responsible for any external websites.
2/ All photos are taken from the street/ public access space, unless permission has been granted, all properties are private residences unless stated.
    If you go and look at the properties themselves please respect the owners privacy and you do so at your own risk.
3/ Whilst every effort has been made to make this information on this website as accurate as possible, it is done on a best endeavors effort,
       thus no responsibility can be accepted for inaccuracies, errors or omissions in technical or any other information provided.

This website and document does NOT endorse any commercial products, processes, or services. Therefore, any mention of commercial products, processes, or services cannot be construed as an endorsement.
Please seek professional advice before entering into any transaction and/or any building construction.
     Anyone wishing to build such a structure, must obtain professional advice and services, documents and the the like on this website cannot be considered as professional technical documentation.
For any legal items consult a solicitor for advice.   

Ian White - Walters Way  London SE23 - Email   contact@segalbuildings.me.uk

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